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Morus Zero - Ultra-fast countertop tumble dryer for any home

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Oh boy, here we go...


--- Quote from: EEVblog on May 09, 2019, 09:55:02 am ---Oh boy, here we go...

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What  8)

This one could be plausible indeed. After all they did show working prototype @CES. Only question: is it really more efficient than common heat pump tumble dryer (as they say?). Industry (chem/food/medical) widely uses vacuum drying. Industrial equipment manufacturers even say that it is most energy efficient drying tech.

P.s. I can save few bucks for Dave to buy/review/measure_efficiency/debunk that thing. Supposedly many can. You could consider some PayPal donation piggybank for such kind of performances :)


--- Quote --- Industry (chem/food/medical) widely uses vacuum drying.
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Cuppasoup, for instance, is vacuum dried. Wouldn't want my t-shirts to look like that though!



--- Quote from: dunkemhigh on May 09, 2019, 08:22:43 pm ---Cuppasoup, for instance, is vacuum dried. Wouldn't want my t-shirts to look like that though!

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LOL :) You need ShirtButler then:

So they show water boiling at 102 F (39 C) in the image. That means pressure is being dropped from 1,000 hPa to 78hPa or so. Is this doable with a cheap vacuum pump?
Maybe that is why they went with the small chamber, easier to pull a vacuum.

Would be nice to see improved tech in this area, some people refuse to hang their clothes and dryers use quite a bit of power ($1-3 per load!).

--- Quote ---The water has a lower boiling point at low pressure. Morus Zero uses a compact high-performance vacuum pump to allow water to boil at lower to 100 °F. The water in the boiling state has a very high evaporation rate, and Morus Zero uses this principle to accelerate the drying speed.   
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