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New easy lithium battery boxing system, can build 1KW of 18650 in 20minutes

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--- Quote from: BatGroupCraft on November 10, 2021, 01:09:00 pm ---The thermochromic inlay will let people see warm high resistance cells and swap and balance groups so that they are very precisely the same(..)
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Consider that electrical energy storage for RC planes or mobility scooters has vastly different requirements than energy storage for salvaged cells used for off-grid backup. I think you have no chance of competing on a market of brand new, well matched, high capacity, insane currents, battery banks with this idea. The only chance here is to focus on salvaged cells market where primary goal is high capacity per dollar, where mass or size is irrelevant, currents are low-ish and maintenance-ability is the key advantage and requirement at the same time.

Did you even notice that it can do 150 amps on a 100 cell 12v box? Why would it not have many applications if it exceeds 99 percent of typical battery requirements???

You've completely missed the point of the project!!! The box can empty 18650's cells in 20 minutes, i.e. it exceeds 99% of typical battery use... Do you want to empty an ebike in 20 minutes at 100mpg? Do you want to empty a motorbike in 20 minutes? Of course not...


Nifty wee box!

I am also a bit iffy about using so many "spring" contacts for such an application (especially on recycled cells). Have yous done any lifetime/lifecycle tests? Like charging/discharging the box during varying temperature & humidity

Hey, I was sceptical about the concept of compression contacts on 18650's so i did thorough testing as a first step: I found that the performance was incredibly high, way in excess of the maximum output from the batteries, 10A is what i tested at, draining the lithium batteries in only 15 minutes, which is crazy high performance.
That is why i continued researching.

Anderson powerpoles rated at 40A are actually a smaller surface area than the 18650 contacts in this box. Zero motorcycles has also patented braid contacts which can work with recycled cells...

But did I say that this will be certified for use with damaged lithium? That's certainly not what the design is for at the moment, the box is re-usable. it's not made for damaged cells with roughened contacts!!! You can use braid contacts for that, because they are flexible and apply fine to a recycled cell, but that's not the scope of the project.


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