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Re: New Keyboard
« Reply #25 on: October 20, 2018, 11:02:34 am »
When coding and in most computing, I don't use the mouse at all. An icon is of very little use to me compared to a keyboard shortcut.
I keep looking for a good text editor which I can remap to use the Wordstar command keys.  They were much faster than using the mouse or dedicated arrow keys.  Of course they also rely on the control key being to the left of the A key.
Emacs is probably the ultimately customizable editor. I've been using (and customizing it to my taste) since 1989 or so.

Someone else has already written a wordstar-mode for it.
Keybindings in that mode are as follows:
Code: [Select]
WordStar mode defined in ‘ws-mode.el’:
Major mode with WordStar-like key bindings.

 - Help menus with WordStar commands (C-j just calls help-for-help)
   are not implemented
 - Options for search and replace
 - Show markers (C-k h) is somewhat strange
 - Search and replace (C-q a) is only available in forward direction

No key bindings beginning with ESC are installed, they will work

The key bindings are:

  C-a backward-word
  C-b fill-paragraph
  C-c scroll-up-line
  C-d forward-char
  C-e previous-line
  C-f forward-word
  C-g delete-char
  C-h backward-char
  C-i indent-for-tab-command
  C-j help-for-help
  C-k ordstar-C-k-map
  C-l ws-repeat-search
  C-n open-line
  C-p quoted-insert
  C-r scroll-down-line
  C-s backward-char
  C-t kill-word
  C-u keyboard-quit
  C-v overwrite-mode
  C-w scroll-down
  C-x next-line
  C-y kill-complete-line
  C-z scroll-up

  C-k 0 ws-set-marker-0
  C-k 1 ws-set-marker-1
  C-k 2 ws-set-marker-2
  C-k 3 ws-set-marker-3
  C-k 4 ws-set-marker-4
  C-k 5 ws-set-marker-5
  C-k 6 ws-set-marker-6
  C-k 7 ws-set-marker-7
  C-k 8 ws-set-marker-8
  C-k 9 ws-set-marker-9
  C-k b ws-begin-block
  C-k c ws-copy-block
  C-k d save-buffers-kill-emacs
  C-k f find-file
  C-k h ws-show-markers
  C-k i ws-indent-block
  C-k k ws-end-block
  C-k p ws-print-block
  C-k q kill-emacs
  C-k r insert-file
  C-k s save-some-buffers
  C-k t ws-mark-word
  C-k u ws-exdent-block
  C-k C-u keyboard-quit
  C-k v ws-move-block
  C-k w ws-write-block
  C-k x kill-emacs
  C-k y ws-delete-block

  C-o c wordstar-center-line
  C-o b switch-to-buffer
  C-o j justify-current-line
  C-o k kill-buffer
  C-o l list-buffers
  C-o m auto-fill-mode
  C-o r set-fill-column
  C-o C-u keyboard-quit
  C-o wd delete-other-windows
  C-o wh split-window-horizontally
  C-o wo other-window
  C-o wv split-window-vertically

  C-q 0 ws-find-marker-0
  C-q 1 ws-find-marker-1
  C-q 2 ws-find-marker-2
  C-q 3 ws-find-marker-3
  C-q 4 ws-find-marker-4
  C-q 5 ws-find-marker-5
  C-q 6 ws-find-marker-6
  C-q 7 ws-find-marker-7
  C-q 8 ws-find-marker-8
  C-q 9 ws-find-marker-9
  C-q a ws-query-replace
  C-q b ws-to-block-begin
  C-q c end-of-buffer
  C-q d end-of-line
  C-q f ws-search
  C-q k ws-to-block-end
  C-q l ws-undo
  C-q p ws-last-cursorp
  C-q r beginning-of-buffer
  C-q C-u keyboard-quit
  C-q w ws-last-error
  C-q y ws-kill-eol
  C-q DEL ws-kill-bol

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Re: New Keyboard
« Reply #26 on: October 20, 2018, 02:09:05 pm »

My introduction to text editing on a computer. Microsoft removed the twinkle for sure...

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Re: New Keyboard
« Reply #27 on: October 20, 2018, 02:44:13 pm »
Do you know SciTE ( It's a nifty editor for programming.

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