Author Topic: Omniboard - the Oscilloscope, Generator, 5xvoltages power supply, debuggger +  (Read 2172 times)

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Hi My project is live on the Kickstarter:

All in one electronics lab

? Oscilloscope
? Waveform Generator
? Power Supply
? Voltmeter
? AVR ISP programmer
? ARM Programmer & Debugger
? Serial to USB Converter
? 8MHz Clock Source
? Frequency meter
? RLC + ESR meter
? 5x Programmable GPIO ports
? 5x PWM Ports
? Diodes & Transistors tester
? I2C to USB converter
? SPI to USB converter
? USART to USB converter


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Want to know more about where these spaces can be found?

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Hi. What spaces?

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I find it interesting that there are not many comments here about this.

The name sounds good but it turns out too generic to be useful.   I did find a YT video but most are hoverboards and vapes.  I am a firm believer that a name can make or break a product.  If possible maybe you could add a word to the end to make it unique.

Your YT video makes me want to scream, I could not watch it.  |O  There is a lot of discussion on this forum about music in electronic videos.  I cannot watch an electronic video made as a music video and most feel the same way.  Why didn't you or someone talk about it?

Getting past these problems - congratulations  :-+  I believe there is a market for these types of products.

Exactly what display do you show?  You say "most" displays but I could not find any firm examples.

Since it seems you met all the funding goals - do you have another project planned?  A suggestion - partner with a tutorial course such as Tron Club (great documentation - poor everything else).  There are several good courses listed in the link below.  I bet you could find a YTer to use your board in their videos if you gave them one.  I may know one if you PM me.  Getting a hardware, parts, software, video, and written material course is rare (nobody that I can find).  Some on the list are getting close and with your board they could fill in all the missing parts.               has surprisingly good documentation and parts but poor marketing skills

Do you have a web site?  I would like to put you in my List C.  Direct sales?   I suggest you think about selling on Amazon via their warehouse (but the name is a killer).

Keep up the good work and I hope you continue to improve it.
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