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on a happy note a Good Kickstart project


This guy is fantastic.
I put up $41, got my two units on time , no drama, and heaps of updates along the way so I knew what was going on.

Months later is is still writing libraries for it

For all the snakes out there ripping people off , we should occasionally praise the people that give Open source a good name.

No connection to the product , it was just my first kick start experience & was happy.

Paul is an awesome guy.

I still can't work out though why he went down the kickstarter route, I think he could have just sold these normally?

Like something being open Source, Being on Kickstarter can be good publicity in itself, and probably helps people 'get round to ' ordering as there is a deadline.
Also helps determine interest to gauge numbers.
I'd certainly conisder it for a new product, as & when I come up with one.

indeed , +1 for teensy. Good stuff


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