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Pebble, another good Kickstarter project

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Just posting some other project, which got shipped:

I've got my Pebble some weeks ago and implemented a custom watchface for it:

I really like it, but it is a bit expensive. I guess with this many units they make quite some profit, but I don't begrudge it to them, it is a good idea and I'm looking forward that they release an improved SDK, because currently you can't read the accelerometers or send data over the bluetooth connection (at least not with the official SDK, there was someone on hackaday who managed it somehow).

Did they release any SDK? I read somewhere people complained about lack of  SDK and functionality that was promised when kickstarter ran.

Keef Wivanef:
Furk me dead!
The Pebble team raised 10 MILLION DOLLARS
It looks like shit!

You can buy a nice smart watch from Sony or other suppliers without needing to wait 12 months for delivery or put up with mountains of bullshit.
What a freaking joke  :-DD


--- Quote from: Keef Wivanef on May 11, 2013, 10:34:58 pm ---Furk me dead!
The Pebble team raised 10 MILLION DOLLARS
It looks like shit!

--- End quote ---

Keef, have you contributed anything here other than always being ready to tell us how awful everything on Kickstarter is? It's just a toy that some people think is worth their money. Nobody is scamming anybody out of anything, and people put a lot of honest work into it.

Keef Wivanef:
Arnaud 3 days ago
I got an email from Ouya ( this morning, telling me my Ouya shipped and is on its way, with tracking number and everything.
How can the Ouya people make a console and a controller, complete with full featured SDK, online infrastructure and a bunch of games available on launch day, for LESS than what Pebble raised and what a Pebble costs? While Ouya is sending status updates EVERY

FRIDAY, Pebble is becoming increasingly silent and occasionally hostile with people and, from the looks of the comments here, has stopped providing support.
Every time I see someone defending Pebble saying it's super complicated, I can't help but think about how Ouya managed to do better in less time with less money yet it's more complicated.
I also can't help but think that when they launched their KS campaign, they said "September 2012". I am convinced that they knew there was no way they were going to meet that deadline, it really sounded like the only thing they were missing was funding to launch production. Companies have been sued for false advertising for less than that (I'm thinking about the current Gearbox/Sega lawsuit that could make a big impact to the video game industry).
I am really curious as to how the $10m raised were used. The Pebble project reeks of amateurism at best and as a scam at worst. I'm surprised there isn't more outrage around this. I'm actually surprised that there has not been a class action lawsuit yet.
I also hold the KS people accountable for this, they should make the project owners accountable for their promises. It doesn't make them look good that the most funded ever project also failed miserably and barely delivers a crappy product.

This is a GOOD kickstarter project?
Oh I'm sorry...I must stop BEING NEGATIVE  :-DD


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