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Pellicanus - An Open Source GNSS/INS Navigation Development Board

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Here are some nicer pictures:



UPDATE (15.02.2022)
We decided to convert pellicanus to a small SMD module with castellated holes, so that it can be integrated in any project easily.

Here is the layout view of the new SMD module in KiCAD. I tried to make it as tiny as possible so that it doesn't take up much space in the PCB.

Here is some sweet 3D views from KiCAD. I wanted to share renders, but I am not that capable, 3D rendering stuff is not more for me.  :palm:

Since it's an SMD module it cannot be used as a single unit, it gotta be on another PCB, and therefore I developed a simple dev board for the Pellicanus.
The dev board includes:

* Type-C USB connector
* 3-pin Speedometer connector
* SDCard connector
* Qiwiic connector
* A few LEDs and a button
* Left-over pins from the RP2040  ;)Here is a picture of the dev board

Let us know what you think.

We thought it would be better to start the campaign with the SMD module because that way pellicanus can be used both for experimentation/development of navigation algorithms and for integrating into actual projects.

We hope you like the update I've sent the boards to the manufacturer once I get my hands on them and assemble them I will share them immediately  :)
This is the first castellated hole module that I designed wish me luck  :)

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Looks like a sensible change to me, and the provision of a dev board is suitable icing  :-+


--- Quote from: dunkemhigh on February 15, 2022, 09:32:12 pm ---Looks like a sensible change to me, and the provision of a dev board is suitable icing  :-+

--- End quote ---
I'm glad you liked it!  :)

New SMD modules have arrived  8)
This is my first time designing a castellated hole PCB, so I am kind of excited to have these.  ;D

I also designed a base for the module. It's quite simple really, USB connector, SDcard interface, qiwiic connector, speedometer terminal and leftover pins.

I'll post the finished version of it once I'm done with the soldering  ;)


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