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Congratulations  :-+

Dear All, after so many difficulties (as expected) we finally developed a reliable manufacturing process especially for the plastics and now we are in production with the ProBUDDY Kits. So happy to share with you the very first samples from the first batch;

With the support of Kickstarter community and our friends, we have our ProBUDDY Kits being manufactured now and also have our proven production techniques that we also offer to the industry.

We will start delivering ProBUDDY kits this month.

Best regards.

What are you expecting the price of the kit to be?

Dear Kermitfrog, there are different sizes of kits which will be available soon, pricing is not certain yet. Do you have any suggestion on pricing?

Dear friends,

I want to inform you about our final stage of our Kickstarter rewards. All the manufacturing stages went well, rewards are packaged and we are shipping them. Here are some visuals from the final stage before shipment;

Standard BasePlate Sticker (like others) packaged with the BasePlate bottom pads, ProBUDDY's and The Best SQUEEGEE CARD ever.

Superbowl 2022 were happening during our campaign, Superbowl 2023 just passed and Superbowl 2024 is coming. So here we designed the BasePlate stickers for the Superbowl ProBUDDY kits for 2024! Valentines Day Kits' stickers looks cool too! We hope their owners will like them.

3rd hands and the ProBUDDY Probes are put into additional packages.

All rewards include a Sunday Robotics notebook now.  And, instead of putting a comprehensive printed-on-paper instructions brochure in the boxes, in order to protect nature, we put a QR coded page which leads to our support page. We hope to finish and post the instruction documents and videos until you got the packages.

Big kits require big boxes.. You are among the firsts that supports our journey! Thank you! All rewards now include  Silver, Gold and Platinum Certificates which will provide you exclusive advantages over our upcoming products and services.

Each certificate are uniquely numbered and binded with the email adresses. We will connect the certificates to a blockchain system soon,after that, they will also be sold to those who want them. The more we create the more the certificates gain value.

We check each kit before the shipment stage.

All packages got checked and numbered for their unique owners.

Thank you for all your interests.


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