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This is how we package A4 Sized ProBUDDY Kits Prototypes

About a month ago we posted "By using ProBUDDY kits, these 3 will create 3 projects to put on HACKSTER.IO ( and INSTRUCTABLES ( and they are now looking for project ideas.."

Yes, we've created 2 projects and builded them on A3 sized ProBUDDY Kits (Campaing will be launched on 11.01.2022) (Product landing page:

Our first project is "INFINITY GEARS", its a meaningful project and it will be on hackster and instructables, want to create posts and talk about those here also, if its ok with you guys  :-+

We've shipped our A4 Sized Custom ProBUDDY Kits to USA, ITALY, SERBIA and AUSTRIA for review  :-+ Hope that they will be good Christmas gifts to our Influencer friends!

Our first project "INFINITY GEARS", which has been built on an A3 sized ProBUDDY Kit is on

Here is the link to the project page:

"INFINITY GEARS" has been featured on Instructables too, here is the link:


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