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Our second project "REGULATOR TESTER WITH FACES", which has been built on an A3 sized ProBUDDY Kit is on

Here is the link to the project page:

"REGULATOR TESTER WITH FACES" is on Instructables too, here is the link:

With ProBUDDY possibilities will be endless. You will always be supported by print-ready 3D designs that are compatible with our ProBUDDY Magnetic Bases. Work on RC Cars, RC Planes, Plant Watering Projects..

Free STL files are ready to download on the "Printables for ProBUDDY" page:

Guys, do you know Burgiclab? He is a great engineer and maker, just opened his youtube account, let's subscribe to his channel and watch him unpack his custom A4 ProBUDDY Kit.

Two things: People who support us in the first steps are so valuable to us! First-hour and first-day backers are important for the Kickstarter campaigns!

Hence we are preparing gold and silver supporter (backer) certificates for our 1st hour and first-day backers, which will be handwritten, numbered, and signed! Will give you exclusive privileges on all Sunday Robotics products and services for eternity!

🙏ProBuddy Kits will be on Kickstarter soon (11.01.2022)


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