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Project to recreate C64. And Atari, And BBC And Spectrum And Apple II....

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Appears to be almost completely clueless.


--- Quote ---In order to do this I'll need to raise $150,000. I will need to hire a firm to design the electronics and do so in a reasonable amount of time. I will also need to have the case designed too. In doing research on this I've discovered that each prototype that is made will have to be paid for and if you need more than one prototype the costs can add up quite a bit.

Other hidden costs that have shown up are the fees that IndieGoGo will take and what ever the U.S. Government will take in taxes. Also I'll have to pay for help to keep on top of the group of people who have contributed to the campaign so that they will get their perks in a timely and orderly manner.
--- End quote ---

Allow me to translate for him:

--- Quote ---I have no idea what I'm doing, I just thought making a C64 copy would be a good idea when I was walking home from school, 150k is heaps of money right, so that should be enough
--- End quote ---

Everyone needs a hobby?  :)

This project made me  :palm:

Jeri Ellsworth was involved with or designed a mini box that emulated the c64. Of course that was a commercial product.


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