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RadarIQ on Kickstarter

Relatively interesting project. I see main challenge in maintaining an active community, with good working application examples. They probably should have designed antenna differently, at least changed RX spacing in elevation plane to increase unambiguous monopulse angle sensing. There are numerous commercial modules that copied AWR6843ISK evaluation kit antenna arrangement.

update 1: Some other modules using similar chipset, search for AWR6843 / IWR6843:
No updates since December. Has anyone received their product yet?

Similar products:

watching on it, such interesting :-*

Why not make full high resolution 2D phased arrays or reflect-arrays at this point? (Or transmissive equivalents of reflect arrays.) RF PIN diodes are cheap, Dishy did it.

I think that RadarIQ was an attempt to create a hobbyist friendly version of original TI's 60GHz evaluation board, certainly not an alternative to Echodyne or Metawave radars. Good attempt, but community is too small and there are no news on the project.


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