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ReelMag - An easier way to store and organize your SMD components

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Hello Everyone,

Using SMD components for prototypes, hobby projects small batch production is all cumbersome and difficult but unavoidable. If you are into it, There is a High probability you would end up with bix boxes of ESD and component packets

This resulted in

⛔Delayed projects
⛔Searching for components
⛔No track of stock
⛔creates a mess while soldering

🎉Introducing ReelMag🎉. The Revolutionary way to store and organize SMD components

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We are planning for a Kickstarter launch soon! Comments and questions are most welcome.

Interesting and potentially cool. Of course, when one requires quite a few of those the price per container will be important - can you give us a ballpark figure?

 Product looks great (the 3D renders at least), and I could see my prototyping bench with some of these on it. Would look and function pretty nicely. But it would just be for vanity more than anything. Right now we use R&C books, and well organised box of component bags and reels for prototypes.

Hopefully you can mass manufacturer these so the price per is low enough to make it a good value proposition.
Don't forget, we all have 3D printers of our own, a Maker would easily clone this within a few hours. The cost to print a few dozen is not that much. For makers, it is just convince and time you are selling.

Maybe if you do a large enough package, SMEs might buy into it?

Will have to wait and see what pricing you can come up with.

sleemanj: (also check the remixes)

Don't know if OP is the same guy.


--- Quote from: sleemanj on October 09, 2022, 12:43:26 am --- (also check the remixes)

Don't know if OP is the same guy.

--- End quote ---

3D printing them was just what I was thinking about when I saw the OP. The way it's designed is perfect for 3D printing.


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