Author Topic: Ride a Bike for 60mins - Power a Home for 24 Hours  (Read 10607 times)

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Re: Ride a Bike for 60mins - Power a Home for 24 Hours
« Reply #25 on: December 11, 2015, 09:22:17 pm »
yes I know of carbo loading but that's for competing in endurance events.  I used to cycle a minimum of 2 hours a day usually averaging over 30 kph without any noticeable increase in food intake which makes me  question your idea that using muscles for transportation is bad for the planet.

So if not from food, where do you think the energy converted by your muscles came from?

NANDBlog is half wrong:
Biking is more efficient than driving a gas powered car, and walking is about on par. You can go into details about how much more calories are consumed, how many are spend on maintenance of the vehicle and road, etc. But the general result is that cycling for transportation is greener than driving.

But if you are curious, additional exercise does not always mean an increase in calorie intake:
A study that involved both lean and obese kids and a study that demonstrates that a relatively short (3x10 min) but comparably hard workout (75% VO2max) is not going to make the sugar junkies crave for more - quite the opposite, it will reduce their appetite for carb(age) to a normal level [similar appetite-reducing effect were observed by Sim et al. (2013) in adult men and Rosenkilde

People eat a lot more than they need to to survive, briselecs claim is not unreasonable.
You shouldn't compare bike with car. You should compare bike with electric bike or car with Flintstones car going at the same speed. Muscle can only reach about 20% efficiency, and if you eat meat, the overall input is very very large.
But I would bet money on it: If you make french fries, you can drive further with the oil (on a moped eg), than go with a bicycle.

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Re: Ride a Bike for 60mins - Power a Home for 24 Hours
« Reply #26 on: December 11, 2015, 09:47:29 pm »
Don't know about french fries, as the oil is not *supposed* to be the major energy content e.g. in McD's french fries, approx 42% of the calories is from fat, but I'd certainly bet on getting more energy out of a field-full of corn by converting it to ethanol (assuming anerobic biomass digestion of the waste to provide gas to fuel the distillation) then fuelling an IC engine powered generator than by feeding it to a room of BBC cycieists powering pedal generators.

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