Author Topic: RPiSoC: A development board with Raspberry Pi compatibility (PSoC 5LP)  (Read 1838 times)

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Interesting KS using the PSoC 5LP to complement the RPi

Too bad the $44 pledge that includes a free MiniProg3 made by Cypress Semiconductor ($90) are all gone :(
but there are plenty of $39 pledge levels and if you don't care about the R-Pi, you can still use it stand alone.

With all of the I/O's it's a better deal than the SchamrtBoard PSoC 5LP dev board at $35, but programming on both is via the bootloader.

I would have been all over it if they still had the MiniProg3 available or If I did care enough about the R-Pi.

They have a lot of demos and videos so it seems they have a good foundation already and I don't see them having any trouble getting funded.

I'm not associated to them, but the KS announcement showed today on my PSoC Creator.

Not sure about what their lab in a box code can do in detail but looks cool.

But with the Cypress Pioneer being only $25 and it comes with both a PSoC4200 and the 5LP (that can be used as well, although not that many pins exposed for usage since it's used as the programmer in the pioneer board), So I won't be jumping on it to wait until January.

The SmartBoard is back-ordered, and it's pretty breadboard friendly for $30

Anyways, it seems to have a good value with all the documentation and code (the KS not the SmartBoard) but since I have a bunch of PSoC4200 that are going to be plenty for my needs I'm going to pass on this one.

I do wonder if the PSoC 4200 Prototyping board ($4) can be used to replace the programmer other than it doesn't have the reset and in the board it's implemented with a push button. Maybe it wouldn't be hard to modify the break away part to make a cheap programmer.

Of course they have programmable digital and analog on top of the Cortex M3 32 bit Arm.

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