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SCAM: Polar Wireless charging

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I've seen some doozies before, but this one might take the cake!
7.5W per device up to 6 devices at a distance of 5ft with a tiny "magnet" stuck to a micro USB plug.

And they stole the photo of their "test gear" from Alibaba

wo-wo time never stop, check this out


--- Quote from: ivi_yak on April 30, 2020, 12:47:52 am ---wo-wo time never stop, check this out

--- End quote ---

So they are energy harvesting RF in order to run the Bluetooth chip?
Good luck transmitting without a bulk power storage source.

Those magnets are magnetic charging connectors, which are nice to use, but yeah has no coil or anything inside... you must connect the corresponding pogo pins to mate with the connector of course.

Yeah looks cheap, its a kind of battery-free BLE beacon, and they announce huge investments


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