Author Topic: Wireless charger for mobile devices at a range of 30 feet plus Batterizer = ?  (Read 1474 times)

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What a dream come true.

Now I can charge my Batterizer from 30 feet away.  Cannot wait

Indiegogo  is the place to buy into ground breaking technology

Seems the key to these great deals is to stall until the time limits for credit card and Paypal elapses so no refunds.  So the money can further other development.

YouTube and Website Electronic Resources ------>

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well - campaign says "London Based" but Bank Account info is from Russian Federation...  That by itself  should get the hairs at the back of your neck to vibrate even without reading their "story"

Due Diligence !!! before investing....


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Hmm, so now lets assume the best of all worlds, a highly directional antenna broadcasting atleast 5W or RF power at the device in your hands, and depending on the location, through you to reach the device, somehow i imagine that may have some negative health effects being hit by a beam that constantly refocuses directly at you,

Or the other option, broadcast 160W omnidirectional, + anything for low coupling efficiency from such a tiny antenna, and you get a fine from the FCC, or knock out everyones wifi for 100m,

Yeah aint going to fly,

Its sad that Tesla has been reduced to a wizard in so many of these scams, Cant beat PowerOut = PowerIn - Losses, And the old favorite of intensity strength at distances,

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