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Mara CMS -New version preview
« on: August 31, 2017, 11:02:25 am »
Preview of v7 now online at and available for download from our site.

Still has a few bugs that need ironing out so probably best not to use on a live site just yet. 

Add ?login=guest to any page's URL to go into editing mode.

No help pages for the new features yet, they are being written.

Principle is that you can drag most types of content into a page being edited, and preview the whole result before uploading anything. The green border tells you that an item is a pending upload. You can go into the media manager to list the pending uploads, and see the approx bandwidth they will take. Might add the option to cancel specific items here in due course, but you can do that by deleting the bordered items from your page anyway.

Saves a whole load of bandwidth and waiting just to see which images you want to use. You can also copy and paste sections of images from Photoshop/Gimp without having to modify/save the original.

Been using this myself to build a few pages, and I suppose it's a biased opinion, but IMHO it rocks.  Select an area of an image you want to highlight, drop it in.  If it looks good, hit Upload. If it doesn't, try another. Until you are happy.  Then upload just the once. Images and words, one button... Done.  Instead of a half-dozen wasted uploads that then need deleting from the server.

BTW, Wordpress does not have these features. It has rudimentary drag and drop uploading, but that's all.

To embed a YouTube video, drag the link, not the thumbnail image.
You can even drag content on other pages into your site (Bear in mind copyright of course) or link to those pages (Generally permissible) by dragging the button on the URL bar into your text.

Not currently crowdfunded but considering new campaign.

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