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Spark Core: looking for design feedback


Hi all,

First time posting here; was pointed this direction by one of our backers.

My team just closed a Kickstarter campaign for the Spark Core, a Wi-Fi development kit. We're pairing an STM32 microcontroller with a CC3000 Wi-Fi module to create an Arduino-like prototyping platform for Wi-Fi connected projects and products.

We've published our hardware design files on Github:

I'm currently doing a new iteration on the board with a particular focus on RF optimization and improving power regulation (trying to see if we can find a power regulator that can handle a bit more juice but still fit in the incredibly tight space we've got available).

If anyones curious or interested, I'd love to have a few more eyeballs on our design. If you have feedback, feel free to respond here or create an issue on the Github page.


At a glance, I like it, I'll keep an eye on it.

Does it come with a FCC ID already? If you are using the CC3000 module, I think it does, so you should probably advertise this fact.

Hello Zach,

I have an application where I need to control some hardware from an Android tablet using WiFi etc. Is it possible to do this using your device ? What interfaces do you provide from your board SPI, RS-232 ??

Also how do you write the app on an android tablet which has some buttons, check boxes and some slider controls etc and sends some ASCII messages backwards and forwards to the remote device ? I have never written any software for an Android device. Is this hard to do with your package ?



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