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Storage Scaler: 16 x M.2 SATA III SSD Expansion Card

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Mounting 16 x M.2 SSDs in a PCI slot (using an external RAID controller)

The story behind the prototype doesn't inspire me with confidence.

--- Quote ---Prototype
The Storage Scaler prototype has gone through a number of iterations from the original idea. It began with soldering wires to breadboards to test our idea of being able to use m.2 SATA SSDs. Once we figured out the circuit design our next item was to design the base PCB, to which we soldered on wires and surface mounted m.2 headers. This step further confirmed our design and our idea had a possibility of working.  Next we went through a number of iterations with our fabricator, which taught us an immense amount of the actual fabrication process and using off the shelf cables...

--- End quote ---

The breadboard thing was probably just powering the drives up? Since all the comm is done externally, it shouldn't be too bad... I assume the only chip on that board is a DC/DC converter.
If you need a few NVME slots you can get these things too:

--- Quote ---Do I need a RAID card or HBA?
➢ Yes, the data signal comes from the SFF-8643 port which must be connected to a separate controller.

Will this support NVME M.2 SSD’s?
➢ No, this card is only compatible with SATA SSDs.
--- End quote ---

This is for that crypto bullshit I guess?

If you're serious about data storage then have a look at

They have an insane amount of storage (a 19 digit (base10) number).
They also build their own storage servers and have open-sourced enough of their design to have a look at.

Stuff like BackBlaze is completely different - you ain't going to get 6GB/s throughput from it, and good luck getting any throughput if your intertubes link is down.


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