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iv posted this before its some guy who worked for FDA and busted myths about radio frequency radiation   

this phobia over em radiation seems very prevalent more idiots scared of em radiation  |O

how long till they ban the sun ? that is kicking out EM radiation  :scared:  :scared:

Mr Avocado does not understand class Y caps. The effect of seeing a potential to ground is quite common (on unearthed power supplies.)


--- Quote from: taemun on May 06, 2013, 07:40:39 am ---(Ever so) slightly off-topic, but I got a whole barrel of crazy right here:

--- End quote ---

I didn't know that hype!

"dirty electricity..."


"... the earths antioxidant electrical nutrition pushes of the negative dirty EMF..."


And scared clueless parents with small kids will be scared and coned out of their hard earned money by this...!?

I feel sad for the human race!
And it gets worse every day!

Apparently it wasn't RF topics that they studied in school.  "Hey let's design and sell a waveguide pad that focuses microwave frequency emissions on our nuts!"


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