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Like this radiation blocking laptop case.  :-DD

It's got $9k already. Wow.

4 people already took a distributor pack @ $900!
I'm pretty sure if you get 2 of those it also comes with a set of tinfoil hats too.  :p

I don't understand. If this sleeve blocks EMR, then wouldn't the laptop's wireless systems be compromised as well?

The campaign hasn't finished but someone already bought 2 for their grandchidlren :-//

Referencing unidentified research it says:

--- Quote ---Recent research suggests that any EMF exposure above 3 milliGauss may be linked to diseases such as:...
--- End quote ---

Hmm, quick sanity check:

--- Quote ---0.31–0.58 gauss – the Earth's magnetic field at its surface
--- End quote ---

ZOMG!!!!! The Earth causes cancer!!  :-DD


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