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Title: The 3DoT Board
Post by: Jpdd on September 09, 2019, 07:27:09 pm
Hey Everyone!

Together with a small team of fellow engineers, I will be launching the kickstarter campaign of what we call the "3DoT Board" in the next coming weeks.


The idea is simple; a single tiny PCB with all the hardware and power required to operate a robot. Then, program it yourself or control it remotely using the included software.

Some key features:
For a full list of hardware and software features check out the product page: ( (also check out the robots we used it for..)

These boards have spent years in the making and have undergone many revisions as they are test-run in assembly and c++ programming courses at California State University, Long Beach. We currently assemble them in-house using a mostly homemade pick and place machine and some hand soldering. We are looking to use the kickstarter to ramp up production, outsource PCBA and be able to sell the board for a much lower price!

First, however, I would be very curious to hear all your expert feedback!  ;D Features you would like to see? Concerns? Would you be excited for the kickstarter? Let me know!

Our mailing list is at (