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Walter, a CE/FCC certified ESP32-S3 + NB-IoT/LTE-M/GPS board


Hello all,

I wanted to share our new IoT focused board. We are aiming to start a kickstarter campaign by the end of January.
When we got a question of a client for a low volume NB-IoT based sensor with GPS possibilities we found out there
were no boards on the market which are CE/FCC certified. There was the PyCOM GPy but it is discontinue and the
company was/is very unstable (went into administration).

We therefore set out to create a board which combines an ESP32-S3 and a new generation LTE-M/NB-IoT modem
which also has GPS capabilities. The board also has efficient DC-DC conversion on board and a MosFET switch 3.3V
out so you can disconnect peripherals to save that last bit of power when needed.

To make the end application as cost effective as possible we have included the GPS pre-amp and filter on-board which
means you only need to connect a passive GPS antenna. For example Molex has some really nice stick-on antenna's which
good reception.

We have made a website for Walter:

If you are interested in the board and it's crowdfunding campaign it would be great if you register for the newsletter.

Kind regards,

Hi everybody,

After months of hard work we are now ready for the crowdfunding, we are selected by Crowd Supply:

It would mean a lot if you subscribe on our project on Crowd Supply and or share it with friends which might be interested.

Kind regards,

Hi all,

It took a few months longer than expected but we are finally live on Crowd Supply:
I hope you like our module and please do not hesitate to ask questions about it!


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