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What is wrong with this crowd funding project?

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I launched a crowd funding campaign around 50 days ago that is going to end unsuccessfully in 10 days.
I am trying to find out why, so any feedback on the project would be greatly appreciated.

It is not a scam, I took a project I had built and deployed for an interactive installation, dug it out of the closet at the request of a friend who started a new crowd funding site, made it more general purpose, and launched the campaign.

So that might be the first problem. It is launched on a new crowd funding site, which simply might not have enough traffic or it might not have the correct audience for an Arduino-based project.

The product is an Arduino shield that acts as a powered distribution hub for powering and communicating with sensors, actuators, and interfaces along long bus cables. So you can run cables around a large area and crimp on little modules anywhere you would like, kind of like stringing up christmas lights. It is a platform for building interactive environments and wired distributed sensor/actuator networks. It comes with the shield, various assortments of modules, connectors, cables, crimping tool, and all the software needed to get going out of the box.

Here is the project's page:

I am not trying to promote the project anymore, it is clearly not going to be funded. I am just looking to at least get some thoughts as to what is wrong with the project, could be the particular crowd funding site, could be something wrong with my demo video/campaign materials/campaign parameters, or it could just be a lame project that has already served me well when I originally built it for a specific need.


For a start I'd never heard of that crowndunding site, let alone your project

whoaaa . big honking flatcable everywhere....  should have used i2c with appropriate buffers.. only 4 wires needed (2 data, 2 power )

osepp and their arduino already have such a thing. so does liliypad.... and with far less wires....

Short Circuit:
Limited and expensive pledge level probably scares many away.
Maybe also a bit too complex concept for a crowdfunding project?

1. Never even heard of the website
2. $30,000 goal is huge for a few 'arduino' sensor modules, even with crowd funding.
3. Product doesn't look that great or unique/innovative. Many alternatives exist already, without the risks involved with crowd funding.


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