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OK as far as I can tell this isn't a crowd funding project YET but looks like an ideal candidate so worth keeping an eye on :-

Pity it hasn't got a snowball in hell's chance of providing any really useful amount of power. It MIGHT just about be able to charge a phone but then USB would be a far more sensible connection oh hang on there's loads of USB solar chargers on the market already.

If nothing else some of the comments are entertaining reading.

"Thank you.The window socket design in 2010.And has completed the registration of a patent.Technical investigation for the mass production of the prototype.The technology is possible.However, the use of electricity and charge time is not efficient.But soon, believe it will be resolved technically.Thank you once again."

Oh god... this is terrible.

How much power would that panel provide 500mW?
An inverter to main? Bam 80% efficiency so your looking at 400mW.
And then a buck converter to your device? Bam 80% efficiency so looking at 320mW.

Assuming the smallest smartphone battery... 3.7v nominal, 1300mAh, thats 4810mWh... 15 hours to charge provided the panel is in good light etc.

That isn't the only issue, they device itself isn't practical, you HAVE to stick it to a window or something, if you plug in a charger, no way in hell is it going to rest nicely on it's back to face the sun, and when it is on the window, it will probably be at a poor angle.
You can't say... have a flexible panel on the outside of a messenger bag and charge your phone that is inside or anything, it's dumb

That site is great for physics-law-bending contraptions...
:o :-DD

Already reported few days ago here: in the 'snake oil' thread.


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