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Title: Protoboard RF Area
Post by: CJay on June 22, 2017, 05:46:32 pm
This may take a little effort to explain so bear with me

I'm designing a protoboard for use with a DDS chip, it's all nice and simple so far but I want to add an area where I can experiment with filters, amps, mixers etc..

To that end I want to design in an area of board with a matrix of individual pads on top and a gorund plane underneath. That in itself is simple, but the twist is that I want to have a hole through the pads that's *not* a via to the ground plane so i could solder components to the top pad alone or thru to the ground plane.

I can add copper pour to the bottom layer, I can add pads to the top layer but it doesn't fill me with confidence that they'd be drilled or not plated through, how do i check?