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Autorouter too light on rules


I'm currently giving Diptrace ( 4.x ) another go ( have tried it in the past ). For the most part I can deal with the things it does differently from what I'm used to.

I spent some time playing with the autorouter to see how good a job it does. As far as I can tell, it only applies some very simple rules from each net class, basically trace width and trace spacing. The problem is it only has one spacing for every thing. To be effective it needs, trace to trace, trace to via, trace to shape, trace to pad, and to really be good, net class to net class.

If it had these things I would jump ship on the other two packages I have and go to Diptrace. Do these things exist and I just don't know where they are?

Why would you want to use any autorouter anyway to begin with?


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