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Do any of the standard Diptrace libraries have some kind of banana jack for PCB mounting in them? I'm finding it a bit difficult to navigate, but I don't believe there is anything there. ARe there any tricks for navigating the libraries? And finally are there any extra libraries people tend to keep around? Eagle had a bunch of those, and it seems like Diptrace has a decent community.


I do not think they have. Could you put a datasheet of the jack?

There are some Diptrace library's at their site. We also have a library here. If you need a part just add a datasheet, or a link to it, and the component will be made.

Ah, I just wanted to see if there was already a part for it. Since I'm trying to learn Diptrace this is as good an excuse as any to learn to make symbols myself, just didn't want to re-invent the wheel. Once I make the part for Diptrace, is there someplace I can/should send it to be considered for inclusion in a common library?


No, you can download the library from here, add the part and upload the library again.

Hey Shebu,

When you say there is a library here, where is "here"?


Steve W


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