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DipTrace 4.0 Beta Freeware is out.


The list of new features:
1. IPC-7351 standard pattern type:
- pattern is generated automatically by IPC-7351 generator integrated into Pattern Editor
- 3D model is generated on the fly in Pattern Editor and PCB Layout
2. New IPC-7351 libraries.
3. UI has been optimized for 4k monitors.
4. RoundRect and D-shape pads.
5. Pad shape can be shifted from pad hole center.
6. Rotating pads to any angle without changing to polygon.
7. Rotating component to any angle without changing it.
8. Pad terminals.
9. Segmented paste mask, solder mask by paste mask.
10. Solder mask and paste mask of pads are visible in the design area and can be printed.
11. Fiducial object in PCB and pattern editor.
12. Pattern Editor has a layer panel similar to PCB layout.
13. Both Pattern Editor and PCB Layout layer panels have configurable layer order and visibility.
14. Courtyard layer, DRC does not allow courtyard region to be overlayed (touch is allowed).
15. Component outline layer (3D model can be built by component outline).
16. Configurable Silk to Pad clearance in DRC.
17. Remove silk from pads/holes/mask wizard in Pattern Editor.
18. Place outline wizard in Pattern Editor.
19. Similar pad numbers are allowed (in this case pads are connected together inside pattern, @ symbol before or after number allows to avoid warning).
20. Two types of internal component connections are possible:
- one of pads should be connected or internal connection can be used as jumper for the net.
- all pads should be connected.
21. 3 ways to build and edit arcs (3 points, center-radius-angles, start-end-radius).
22. Any set of shapes can be converted to board outline (you can place arcs, lines, poly-lines as you wish, connect their ends and convert all to board outline).
23. Updated properties dialogs for all shapes (now can be edited by dimensions).
24. Obround shapes instead of ellipses in all programs.
25. Snap to other objects key points when building/editing shapes, board and copper pour.
26. Multi-line text.
27. Text and pictures can be rotated to any angle.
28. Pictures are now vectorized and saved together with a design file.
29. It is possible to cut text or picture/logo at the copper pour.
30. Anchor point + Left-Center-Right, Top-Center-Bottom alignment is used for text, markings, pictures and while editing shapes.
31. Cut right corner of the shapes option.
32. New Component marking system in Schematic and PCB Layout:
- any number of markings can be displayed (display property is available for each field, including additional).
- free angle and alignment
- separate marking settings for assembly layer in PCB
- custom marking font by the component
- text with parameter property placed in pattern/component editor is counted as pattern marking (PCB/Schematic do not add additional text).
- font settings can be applied to markings placed in Component/Pattern Editor
- move tool (F10) allows to move/rotate any text object inside component directly in Schematic/PCB.
33. Pattern origin is shown as cross + circle (options) and can be displayed by layers.
34. 3 ways of building 3D model of the pattern (by file, by component outline and by IPC-7351 standard).
35. Filter can be stopped on any search stage, results are displayed in real-time while searching components.
36. Component properties dialog is redesigned to allow display and edit all additional fields at once.
37. Name description, unique name and manufacturer fields have been added to the pattern.
38. Free resizing of all library/component list and additional fields in Component/Pattern Editors.
39. Pattern shape precision has been improved, recounting pattern shapes by borders when you change the number of pads/dimensions in Pattern Editor.
40. Pad to copper pour thermals are rotated to pad/component angle.
41. Selecting object and opening its sub-menu from design manager in Schematic and PCB (right click on the item in design manager).
42. Groups in Component and Pattern Editors, similar to Schematic and PCB.
43. Measure tool in Schematic and Component Editor.
44. Properties dialog windows may change locked objects after confirmation.
45. Updating PCB from Schematic keeps locked components, non-existent in Schematic.
46. Export all Gerber and Drill files into zip archive with a single click.

nice. I think #20 might resolve one of my aggravations! Like a fuse that needs 2 pads on each end but are really internally connected... having 4 pads and being forced to connect them was a pain in the ass. sounds like this might allow me to internally connect them and have 1 pad at each end.

#46 will also be handy! :)

I just noticed there is a newer build  March 5: https://diptrace.com/download/download-diptrace/

 :scared: Super excited, I'll almost definitely buy the upgrade as I absolutely love dip trace as a cheap alternative to Altium. I hope to see it grow in popularity as it continues to improve.

Alternative to altium? Alternative to any other eCAD ?


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