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Hi everyone i am trying to find fuel gauge schemtics.Espcially ti's products.But i can't find it anywhere?Can you help me?

Thanx in advance

Also i need pcb version's.

when you say a fuel gauge IC what are you refering to?

in automotive (my feild) you have a 2 cross coil movement, (sin cos) and 2 op amps biasing both coils based on the voltage drop from the sender,

the sender will be a potentiometer say 10-180 ohm, and you will have a resistor fed off positive to make it into a voltage divider,

really some more info would help :?

Sorry you are right.I mean li-ion battery fuel gauge IC.

You can easily make the library yourself. Diptrace has a very friendly library editor, and footprints will most likely be standard ones like soic, (t)(s)sop, dpak, d2pak and the like. No difficulty here.


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