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ive been using eagle for a little while and although im able to make layouts etc pretty well i recently found that i was running into problems due to board size (pin count was fine but i just wanted to spread things over a larger area for enclosures and so forth). anyway after doing my head in trying to work out eagles ridiculous upgrade paths not to mention the cost i decided to give diptrace a go.

ive only been fiddling around with diptrace the last day or so and it seems to be pretty good however theres one thing that is annoying me. in eagle's schematic layout when i add a DIP package for say TL072 it actually placed a dip package with all the pins, i prefer it this way. however in Diptrace it places 2 different sections to the IC as well as a separate power and ground section. ie it shows 1 Dip package as three separate 'parts' or what not in the schematic editor. Is there a way to globally change this to just show the IC as 1 part on my layout?
 i hope im making sense if not i can probably upload some photos when i get back in the lab to further explain

Chet T16:
I wasn't sure what you meant so i checked it out, screenshot attached.

yes that what it looks like to me too, but in eagle they just use one icon for the whole 072 etc. is there a way to change this in diptrace?

on another note, why is diptrace missing so many patterns for parts, for example  i cant find a single variable resistor that has a pattern rendering doing a pcb layout useless


--- Quote ---but in eagle they just use one icon for the whole 072 etc. is there a way to change this in diptrace?
--- End quote ---
weird! from the start i followed the tutorial, it has been like that, ie creating one dip package. creating multiple separate opamps in that package is something that i have to learn it myself later. look at the attached images, the first is my older 2 opamps ic in one package, good for drawing schematics that closely resembles physical form albeit "spaghetty" looking. later i figured out everybody are using standard opamp symbol for their schematics, good for true ee understanding, sharing and documenting, so later, "slowly i turn" to update my library to use multiple separate objects in one package (2nd attached image). obviously diptrace can do both.

see i wouldnt mind to much if the power/ground rails could be connected but it doesnt seem to let me, i do understand to reasoning to 'split' the op=amp into its logical form but from a schematic point of view (and maybe its just me) but i kind of prefer to keep it as 'one' part just to make reading it easier on the eyes...
perhaps theres an option to choose the default viewing mode, might have to give them an email and enquire


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