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DipTrace Special Offer for Eagle Users

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DipTrace have announced their full (unlimited) package for the special price of US$595 to existing EAGLE users.


DipTrace are following several other PCB CAD vendors following Autodesk's purchase of CadSoft Computer GmbH from Premier Farnell.

Autodesk no longer offers EAGLE CAD with a perceptual license, instead offering it only as subscription only.

This has angered many existing users, some of whom have already migrated to Circuit Studio under their special offer to EAGLE license holders.

So, if you are a EAGLE license holder & you have been looking to make the jump to DipTrace, now is perhaps the time :)

Jumped on this offer a few days ago to go ahead and purchase the Full license. Great deal! (And great package!)

I was saving up money for last year to buy for Full edition at full cost.. last month I saw the Diptrace offer and jumped immediately.
Best decision I ever made.   :-+

Just waiting for Kicad import/export... that'll complete almost all my needs  ;D

I will also add... while I do have a subscription to Eagle standard, when I took advantage of this DipTrace offer, I was not given any opportunity to prove that I had a valid Eagle subscription. I wonder if they care if a non-eagle subscribers take advantage of this?

Or hey, just pay for a month of Eagle standard ($15) and then take advantage of this offer to stay honest!  ;)

It looks like this thread would have been better at it's place in the Eagle part of the forum.

I am a KiCad user and I love it. It's getting better every year and it already has more capabilities than I need. (Except for Spice, but that's also coming).
As KiCad user almost EUR600 for a PCB package looks like an awfull lot of money, but I might even be tempted to donate as much to KiCad if I manage to do some commercial projects with it.

I came here mostly out of curiousity about what the "competition" is doing and if threads on the fist page is almost 3 years old then there does not seem to be much interest in Diptrace in this forum.


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