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DipTrace Version 2.3 is out today!

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Nice mix of updates:

Online DRC - dynamically checks design rules while you add objects, route traces or edit anything in layout. Static DRC check was improved and optimized.
3D VRML 2.0 Export of PC board. Allows you to export solid body of your board with models to mechanical CAD.
Custom Non-Signal layers.
Arranging PCB components by hierarchical blocks. Copying routing/placement between similar blocks.
Automatic showing/hiding ratlines for copper pours depending on pouring areas and traces ("Hide Net Ratlines" option has been removed).
Pour priority for copper pour.
Separate "Place Ratline" mode, no more ratlines in "default" and "edit traces" modes.
"Manual Route" mode hotkey (~).
Configuring and saving filenames for Gerber export by layers (name and extension for each layer).
Exporting dimensions into Gerber and DXF.
Checking pin/wire superimposing without connection in Schematic ERC.
Saving connections without wires while copying/pasting parts in Schematic.
Moving objects between pages in Schematic.
Rearranging sheets in Schematic.
Saving "open/save dialog" initial folders by file type (globally for all programs).
Blocking file by the program while editing it. Overwriting by second/network appearance is prohibited.
Backward compatibility of binary file formats starting from this version (it can open files of further versions).
Windows 8 compatibility.
Ordering engine has been added (see File/Order PCB).
Online check for new versions and DipTrace news.
Library update: 8000+ new components, euro symbols, new patterns.

Hmm, and now I can complain ;)

1. Even though I am on their newsletter list, no notification came in

2. It would be nice to see a list of details to go with the release notes. Almost like (gasp) Altium does on their live blog when a new release is posted.
Here is where the new feature is, here is how it works, etc

3. Can't' seem to make online DRC to do anything, or maybe it needs enabling. It will let me short traces with no complaints for example or put parts on top of each other

1. Already sent. Seems you noticed it earlier, than we updated all installers and web-site before sending emails.

2. We will think on making video blog about new features or something like that in the future.

3. You should enable it in Verification / Design Rules.

Hey, thanks for answering!

I did receive an email later, but it was " We have published new build of DipTrace ( today" :)

"3. You should enable it in Verification / Design Rules."
Duh, didn't think to look there! Works like a charm now.



--- Quote ---I did receive an email later, but it was " We have published new build of DipTrace ( today"

--- End quote ---
That was a bug of phplist system - I noticed that when sent it already (several hundreds of subscribers including me received that email for some reason). You should also receive second correct email (I queued the new email only, and seems old email was queued before and not removed - didn't notice that).


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