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Does Diptrace do this?

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I'm an Eagle user, getting steadily more frustrated with it and considering DipTrace, I'm on the fence. One feature that I would really like (and would probably push me over the fence) would be the ability to rearrange pins on a symbol per instance/schematic. This way I could arrange the pins on a microcontroller or DSP as needed to make me schematics neater. We use this technique a lot at my place of work with PCAD 2004, and I think it would be immensely helpful to have that kind of ability in my personal capture tool.

So, does DipTrace do that?

You want to edit the schematic symbol of a uC only in one schematic and for another one you want to have a standard symbol?

For big ICs, it can make the schematic a lot cleaner if you have free choice over the pin layout.

I think Matt wants to move the pins around in a package like in Altium (untick lock pins check box).
But, I don't think it can be done in Diptrace.
This is one of few features still lacking in Diptrace at the moment.

A way to do this is to make different parts with different pin arrangements.


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