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How to insert a background biptmap in Diptrace?

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TERRA Operative:
I have a Tek PCB I'm currently replicating and I'm looking for a way to insert a background bitmap so I can use it to trace out the layout of the original PCB.

Is this sort of thing possible in Diptrace?

adding an image it's possible without problems using the image button (attached)

I neve tried to send it to a bottom layer to route over it

I'm not at the pc now but I'll try asap and make you know my results

Just create a black-and-white image as a bmp or png file.
Then, add the image to your top or bottom silkscreen as @mcinque pointed out.

Be aware black will represent the image and white the transparent color.

Thanks MarkF  :-+

TERRA Operative:
My image isn't black and white, it's a photo of a PCB so short of redrawing the PCB and component layout, to then re-redraw the layout in Diptrace, that method unfortunately won't work.


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