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you are soooo off topic! you didnt answer my questions. i hate you! >:(

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There are more than one topics on this thread Mecha, lighten up, weekend almost here! Stop kidding yourself, you love me.

You should check with your board house if you need to mirror any layers. Some houses expect not-mirror gerber files to minimise errors. To view the back side properly it is normal to mirror the bottom copper and any other markings. Doing this mentally works well for smaller designs.

I have always submitted gerbers so that all layers are looked from top side of the PCB. So bottom side related layers are "mirrored". I can't stress enough importance of always checking the gerber files, especially drill-gerber alignment (one annoyance less for the manufacturer). And I also check using IPC-D365A that CAM software generated netlist and layout software netlists match. This catches possible bugs in gerber generation.

I have a "title box" in each gerber file below the actual PCB image which shows layer name etc., it helps PCB manufacturer's CAM engineer to recognize each layer. My silkscreen tends only contain some helpful texts for connectors (pin ordering etc.), not all reference designators/outlines as it tends to be messy in high component densities.



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