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no ground reference – is this a joke?

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hm I'll have to work at it. I can always fall back to KiCAD but it's shameful that a freeware program is better made than a commercial one


--- Quote from: obiwanjacobi on June 15, 2012, 07:30:40 pm ---Oh good, it's not just me that finds the usability of these tools (not just DIP-shit) lacking.
Man, it's like going back 25 years! Imagine if Windows looked and worked like that! (well okay, maybe that is a bad example :P )

I think I could do better  8), but I just don't have the time  ;D Yes I'm a programmer too  :P

--- End quote ---

I totally agree and wish I could find more MacOS engineering SW in the near future. But on the other hand I know the problem with old grown SW dinosaurs. They are extrem expensive to rebuild. You need to free a lot of manpower from other work. You could lose your customer base. Some "older" developers don't like it to give up "their" babies. The management dislike the risk? And so on.... I know it from personal experience that this is a hard fight and many extra work at home. As a freshman it's nearly impossible. ;-)

Yes, but could you not make these changes gradually? If you have a sound software architecture (and they probably don't  - its very hard to maintain it on a long running project) you should be able to swap out old mistakes with new mistakes :P

And I even see new startup open source projects copy the same crap because its too hard to think of something original? I know, certain functionality works best a certain way. Changing that would only complicate things.

There is some new innovation, for instance KiCad module assignment after you've created the schematic. Dave doesn't like it (saw his review video) but he's is stuck (on that part) because he's used to something for so long - its very hard to change yourself. But if you think about it, the schematic has nothing to do with the packaging - I always get frustrated that I have to choose packages way-up front in the design process and then have to come back to it to do it right, because your ideas change as you're doing the design.


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