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Pad paste mask segmentation feature


I just upgraded to DipTrace v4.x (yeah, I know, after it's been out how long? :P), and one of the new features I've been trying out is the pad paste mask segmentation.

Is it just me, or is it really frustrating to use? I've been attempting to make it do a 3x3 segment pattern for the large heatsinking pad of an ESP32 module (so I can have 4 vias in the pad at the junctions between the paste segments), but I can't get a satisfactory result. There's like a really narrow combination of settings (fill percent, segment size, segment gap, edge gap) that almost gets me to the 3x3 layout I want, but if I tweak it slightly in any way DipTrace just wants to do 2x2.

It would be nicer if you could just tell it you want a fixed X-by-Y number of segments, rather than let it decide itself.


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