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Pads Pattern for different PCBs


I'm back to DipTrace after a long time, previously I had an issue with diptrace not sure if that is solved in newer version (or may be i did not know how to do that)

For example I created a Pattern 1 x 8 Header and I set the pad properties like

Shape: Ellipse
Diameter: 0.9mm
Width: 1.3mm
Height: 1.3mm

Now I use this pattern in different PCB layouts, in PCB1 I want

diameter: 1.1mm
width: 1.6mm
height: 1.6mm

In PCB2 again i want different dimensions, how can i achieve that?

In past I have been achieving this by selecting pads and set default pattern properties OR by setting manual dimensions but problem with this approach is that I loose manually set parameter each time I update schematic changes in PCB.


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