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Silk Off The Board, Wont The Fab House Screw Up?

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picture showing part of the pcb i'm working on. since i want a component (trimpot indicated by semicircle silk on top) protruding out off the board, resulting its silk too. gerber export previewing it doesnt get cropped. so i'm wondering:

1) is there any way we can manually cropped this silk in DipTrace?
2) if i send this gerber silk to pcb fabrication house, wont they screw up the position of the whole silkscreen? i'm afraid they will try to fit the whole silk on the pcb resulting misalignment?

noob questions... i never send anything to fab house before.

I've had this a few times and never had a problem with the PCB manufacturer. They are usually switched on and know what you're trying to achieve. Of course YMMV. Alternatively, can't you edit the shape so that it is a special for your board? Not familiar with your layout package so I don't know if that's a difficult thing to do for you.


--- Quote from: deephaven on September 29, 2011, 07:12:07 pm ---Alternatively, can't you edit the shape so that it is a special for your board?
--- End quote ---
yea should be possible, only specific for this board. i keep thinking its a cheating method :D edit: but if fab house doesnt have any problem, maybe i can just send them this and let the excess silk go down to their machine's floor while printing. i dont mind, as long as the other silks are printed correctly.

I've also never had a problem when doing this.

lol They wouldnt just move your whole layer and screw it all up in order to fit that on. you're good.


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