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$1199 cripple locked down router demanding app & Linksys CLOUD account to use it

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I was just looking at FTTP providers and came across one called Gigaclear which are providing these fancy looking routers.
Edit: My mistake $1999 is for a pack of three as pointed out by Ranayna and as in the URL below "3-pack" that I missed but I still think that is a lot of money for a locked down pile of p*ss.

--- Quote ---Linksys Atlas Max 6E: Tri-Band Mesh WiFi 6E System, 3-Pack
SKU MX8503

2.7 out of 5 stars. Read reviews for average rating value is 2.7 of 5. Read 29 Reviews Same page link.
IN STOCK: $1,199.99
Free Shipping on all orders.
Linksys Atlas Max 6E (AXE8400) unleashes the biggest upgrade to WiFi in a decade, bringing the ultra-fast, low-latency 6GHz band to every corner of your home. Use as a backhaul between nodes or connect directly for seamless video conferencing, working from home, remote learning, and even the latest AR and VR. Learn More
The first WiFi 6E system with mesh built-in*
The new 6 GHz band offers interference-free signal and ultra-fast speeds
Extreme speeds and limitless connectivity throughout your home
Coverage up to 9000 sq. ft., 195+ devices, and speed up to 8.4 Gbps**
Enough bandwidth to run video conferencing, working and learning from home, and AR/VR devices simultaneously
--- End quote ---

Apparently what I was reading that the Linksys MX8500 router they provide requires an "account" before you can start using it.

--- Quote ---1. Search for and download the ‘Linksys App’ to your mobile device. Open the Linksys App and create an account using your email address.
--- End quote ---

According to the manual attached and url:

--- Quote ---*You will create a Linksys account :bullshit: so you can use the app to view or change your system settings from anywhere you have an internet connection.
Among the many things you can do with your Linksys account:
• Change your Wi-Fi name and password
• Set up guest access
• Connect devices to Wi-Fi with WPS
• Block internet with parental controls
• Test your internet connection speed
--- End quote ---
*Sounds DEMANDING to me.
No I will not purchase a phone, create accounts and sign in just to set it up. I'd send it straight back and complain if one was given to me as part of the contract.

I question, does it have a basic built in webserver to be able to configure it without any need for mobile phone, a stupid "app", an account and dependency on Linksys hosting and registration/activation servers? I posted a couple of questions on their webpage and got some replies one of them that seems to miss the point.

--- Quote ---MrMobodies · 8 hours ago 
Does the Android/IOS "app" require me to create an account in order to configure the router?
Linksys · 7 hours ago 
Yes, MrMobodies. A Linksys cloud account is a requirement to complete the set up process. To learn more, please click here:
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---MrMobodies · 8 hours ago 
Say I don't have a mobile phone. Does this have a basic built in webserver so I can configure it without the need of anything else such as a mobile phone/software and connectivity to Linksys? So it will function regardless of what happens out there.
Linksys · 7 hours ago
Hi, MrMobodies,

The Linksys Atlas (MX8503) can only be configured using the Linksys App. No worries, you can still setup the Atlas with the use of any handheld devices such as iPad, iPod, and Tablet.
--- End quote ---
No worries? What if I don't have a phone or tablet (ipad, ipod) which I don't have and no intentions of buying them.
Completely ignore if I don't have any of these things.

According to this comment it doesn't seem to support VLAN and nothing mentioned in the manual about it see attached.

--- Quote ---Ryan B · a year ago 
Great product....if you don't need PPPOE and VLAN
I bought this to replace my CenturyLink Fiber modem...which required PPPOE and VLAN tagging to interface with the fiber ONT correctly.

Even with the PPPOE password and correct VLAN/MTU settings, performance was abysmal (850mbps down, 40 Mbps up). I put my old CenturyLink modem in passthrough mode and reset the Linksys router....then added it after the CenturyLink modem....850mbps down/950mbps up.

Why is performance using PPPOE and VLAN tagging so hard manufacturers to get right?
--- End quote ---
Quite disappointing for a router that costs $1,199.99
With no built in webserver, restricted and locked down that you need an account with them to use it and the only means of configuration appears to be with a stupid  "app". Hardware looks great to me  but obviously I think they are treating customers like they are somewhat stupid and confused.

As an "easy" setup I should NOT require a working broadband connection (initially), a mobile phone, a Google or Apple account in order to install their stupid "app" and then have create another account on the Linksys servers just to use open the "app" and then have to sign in to that just to be able to setup it up or configure the router... UTTER BULLSHIT.

I don't trust any router that requires me to set up accounts where remote access is involved that is out of my control. It is a big nono and completely unacceptable if I can't switch the remote access off and I'd feel it doesn't belong to me.

What I expect:
Connect a laptop/pc to the router where it obtains an IP address, open a browser, type in default IP address of router in the address bar, type in default username and password, and there I am in to configure it.

Not so hard is it as opposed to purchasing phones, requiring a working broadband connection (for the sign up process) and setting up accounts, signing into those and depending Linksys website and services to work and if one day they stop supporting it. Ridiculous.
I wonder how this will go with product obsolescence?

Take a look at this part of the login:

Isn't that bad, they want to know your phone number and there's marketing.
Shame about the hardware but I consider it a pile of piss and an insult to the customer.

This the first time I ever heard of a router requiring a "cloud" account in order to use it.

I just found this on reddit:

--- Quote ---[–]schoolpaddled 1 point 3 years ago
In 2012, Linksys changed their firmware such that you needed to log in to a web portal to access your router:

Reports have started popping up that Cisco is pushing out and automatically (without permission) installing their new Cloud Connect firmware on consumer routers. The new firmware removes the user's ability to login and administer the router locally. You now must configure the router using Cisco's Cloud connect service. If that wasn't bad enough, *the fine print for this new service allows Cisco to track your complete internet history. Currently, it appears the only way to disable the Cloud Connect service is to unplug your router from the internet."
That was it for me: done. Seeya.
I am not sure what the status of that is now that belkin owns them, but nope, out.
--- End quote ---
So it is nothing new. If that happened to me unknowingly at first I'd go berzerk and "demand" a firmware revert to the one I brought it with.

*Disgusting so they not only do they change and cripple the firmware/restrict the user when they feel like it they also *own* the router you paid for and use it to spy on them as well.

What to do you think?

Just a side note: That thing does *not* cost $1,199.

It's just a bargain of $399 each  >:D

The blurb you quoted is for a pack of three. That puts it into the typical pricerange of similar WiFi 6E routers.

But yes: Keep clear of managed stuff like this. The same is also true for several Netgear Routers and Switches.
And let's not forget the HP printers that need accounts now.

Honestly, I don't think using a smartphone is too troublesome (maybe because I have grown up with configuring stuff via serial console, which really sucks).
There are plenty of services that require a 2FA nowadays, including banking, ebay, PayPal and so on. So a smartphone is an essential item, not optional.

However I find it annoying to require an online account, when it is absolutely not necessary at all. That really should be forbidden.

Using a smartphone is fine. Requiring a smartphone is not, in my opinion.
Any device with a webserver can be managed with a smartphone. If the developers gave that a little bit of thought, they may even have build the admin pages with responsive design. AVM does that decently well, you can fully manage a Fritz!Box with a smartphone, if you want to.
Without any shitty apps, or any online accounts.

A while ago I sent back a Netgear WAC124 (wi-fi access point) for exactly this reason. Although it had the capability to be managed locally in the usual way, it would refuse access to the local admin interface if it had an internet connection, and insist on using an account via a Netgear server instead.

I replaced it with a WAC104 instead, which has no such limitation.


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