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$159.00 Directional Fuse Hogwash?

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--- Quote --- But those DC electrons wouldn't be pure DC. They were once AC. It would require yet more audiophoolery stuff to replace every tainted AC electron with a pure, sonically perfect DC electron.

--- End quote ---

Next thing you know, they’ll be offering non-directional diodes to unrectify the noisy DC.


--- Quote from: AndyC_772 on May 06, 2021, 10:48:12 am ---Much more intelligent discussion on the topic of fuses, and their potential to affect the sound of an amplifier:

--- End quote ---

After reading through that thread, I came to the same conclusion as poster Phildick: "What you need to consider is how the power supply in the amp works here. The incoming AC is converted to lower voltage DC and stored in large capacitors. On switch on the caps are charged up to capacity and kept topped up. It is the electric in the caps that drive the amp not the mains cable or any fuses on the AC side. So, if taking the fuse out of circuit make a difference the amp must be faulty or badly designed."

I have no idea about the "venerable Audiolab 8000A" but if it's an audiophile product, one must assume that it has a shitty power supply.

I'd thought it would be interesting to see if that "Positive Feedback" certificate for their Orange fuse is real:

Hopefully they'll reply back next week.


--- Quote from: Ultrapurple on May 07, 2021, 03:16:19 pm ---Back when digital cameras were new and very expensive, a colleague borrowed the company's highest resolution device - 640 x 480 (!) - for the weekend. He came back in on Monday with his tail between his legs. He said he thought the different sizes of barrel and pin were always keyed to the voltage / polarity, so he merrily plugged 12V the wrong way round into a 3V (or whatever) port. Naturally, this provided all the opportunity the magic smoke needed to make its escape.

I don't recall the aftermath. Both he and the then-boss passed away some years ago. But not, I might add, as a direct result of polarity / voltage errors.

--- End quote ---

I've seen that a lot, people assume that if the plug fits it will work. A lot of audio equipment in particular gets damaged because for reasons I don't really understand most audio gear uses center negative while most other equipment is center positive.

I always rationalised this as the  outer ‘shield’ grounded (-),  but never took it for granted!


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