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$159.00 Directional Fuse Hogwash?

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When I see this audiophoolery I should be shocked and apalled….. but I am not. We live in a World where some people think that Planet Earth is flat  :palm: 

A fool and their money are easily parted  ;D

The people who make this ludicrous Audiophool kit are probably delusional as well so may actually think they are modern Einstein’s where Hi Fidelity Audio is concerned. People can make and buy what they want with their own money though, so these companies continue to exist with little or no official interest in their ludicrous claims.

Has anyone asked an Audiophool how they cope with the fact that the original recording systems that produce the media they play had none of this ‘special’ kit used in them  ? Or do they buy ‘special’ recordings on ‘special’ media from ‘special’ trusted sources ?


--- Quote ---Has anyone asked an Audiophool how they cope with the fact that the original recording systems that produce the media they play had none of this ‘special’ kit used in them  ?
--- End quote ---

I don't see a problem there. The original may be magically perfect, or could be atrociously bad, but that's not relevant (and is unfixable anyway). What they are concerned with, presumably, is that stuff they can control doesn't make it worse.

I got the email back very quick about that certificate and that was genuine and issued last December.

Just reread this:

--- Quote ---Q: Are fuses directional?

A: Yes, fuses are directional.  Electricity should flow from the left to the right when you view the fuse.  If you do not know the direction of flow you should listen to the fuse inserted in both directions
--- End quote ---

Say it was directional like with diodes, how is that even possible for the fuse (one component) to be inserted in both directions at the same time like that as what I think they are suggesting?

Speaking of orange fuses I remember these:

I question in relation to "electron flow" what effect is that tiny bit of honey around whatever material that is going to do for the sound and what if you insert them in the wrong way?
Like that tiny drip of honey Beeswax on the ouside is going to do anything.

Just found a discussion about these orange fuses on AudioGoon:

--- Quote ---AudioGoon jaybe695 posts
10-09-2019 12:43pm

I find SR fuses to blow much more easily than a normal fuse with the same rating. After this happening a few times with the Blues I took the advise of Alfred at High End Electronics and bought a slightly higher rating fuse but it too eventually blew. Two pieces of highly regarded equipment this happened with that otherwise have no problems.
--- End quote ---

No problems with the fuses blowing? Well that says something.

So an orange one of these blows up more than a normal use, that can't be right can it, that it should blow like that to be replaced more often and even with a higher rating but the normal fuses were blowing less then there must be something obviously not right with the equipment.

The two pieces of equipment are so "highly regarded" that it's perfectly fine for them to develop a fault and blow up fuses, that makes them okay and safe because they're "high regraded".


--- Quote from: Bassman59 on June 11, 2021, 07:16:34 pm ---So, if taking the fuse out of circuit make a difference the amp must be faulty or badly designed."

I have no idea about the "venerable Audiolab 8000A" but if it's an audiophile product, one must assume that it has a shitty power supply.

--- End quote ---

The complete schematic is posted here, you can analyse it for yourself. It's about the most basic linear PSU possible, very typical for the time and probably wouldn't pass EMC if it were tested to today's standards.

Well if fuses are directional, then so must be resistors. So are all the resistors in the stereo amp or other box all inserted the right way? Or all the wiring?

What they come up with is something to sell that can be replaced by the customer. Are they selling directional resistors to replace all the ones in your system? Nope, because most people wouldn't take apart the box and do that kind of work. If they did, they would sell directional replacement resistors. We're trying to analyze the irrational, rationally. It won't ever reveal anything more than people are ... irrational and there are plenty of scammers waiting to take their money.

"There's a sucker born every minute"

P.T. Barnum


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