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$500 Audiofool SATA SSD Cable

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How many idiots will buy this $500 Audiophile SATA SSD Cable?

Audiofoolery  is almost as big a scam as religion.


If they made every cable like that there may not be enough space in the case.

I have a few transparent sata cables that looks just like that on the ends.

That must be easy to make and assemble.
Just pick any sata cable and push it through that piece of cloth like thing.

More audiofool junk.  :palm: Except most of it is made to at least look expensive (even though there is no evidence it does squat).

This thing ... it looks like a piece of crap, so it fits the part associated with the toilet water line. Wow, I keep thinking why don't I get in on the gravy train if it's this easy.


Taken from: AlienFxIncGraphix, Artistic Restoration and Gallery -  Facebook (took cropped modified stock photo for ebay logo)

--- Quote ---About
The precious crystals used in our Hi-Fi tweaks can no longer be found on planet Earth  :bullshit: . We sell the remaining tweaks here until they are gone forever.

Location: Sweden
Member since: Nov 16, 2004
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Supernova Hyperspace Clear Power 4m EU Schuko (European plugs, best ever sold!)

“3 years old, but has been left unused for the past year. Therefore you need to burn  :bullshit: it in again.”
Price: US $2,000.00

Brand: Audiophile Rocks Their OWN brand cable
Type:Power Cable
Features:   Powered   
Cable Length:   4m

Item description from the seller
Crystal Formula: Supernova (2019)  :bullshit:
Wiring: 70 microns extruded pure silver surface 7N OFC surface, 16awg solid core
Insulation material: FEP with threads around conductors (air dielectric)
Speed: 91% the speed of light
Connectors: Genuine Furutech FI-11 (R). European Schuko plug
Tube ending seal: White wood + Black Quartz Crystals
Sleeving: No
Grounding: No
Shielding: No
Thickness of outer tubing: 16mm
Length: 400cm
Release date: Year 2019
--- End quote ---

Looks to me like it had some use and abuse.

--- Quote ---Subjective impressions
Compared to the standard Supernova power cables, this EU version has a more liquid smooth and natural sound with greater soundstage size that expands in all directions.  :bullshit: * It will take you into a state of trance where you just melt away into the music.
--- End quote ---

What a scammer... just buy some ordinary cables and put some stuff around it and some fancy plugs.

* I am sure I can create the same effect on someone by blasting their ears with loud noises where they become deaf.

Just found this:

Different product name but same thing.

--- Quote ---Audiophile Rocks
1 d ago?
We release the laid-back Megaras Termino which is equal in performance to the forward sounding Lightspeed.
Although the detail reproduction isn't as extreme as Lightspeed, the bass performance is better where the Megaras gives bigger and stronger bass in a blacker and warmer background. It gives more of a cozy feel where you can sit back and relax to the music.
The price for Megaras Termino is $299 per piece.
E-mail us to order:
--- End quote ---

Isn't that naughty?


--- Quote ---Giggles 2023.02.23 02:21 SATA cables for audio for $500

There is something called Superstar SATA 25mm 0.5m Gray Carbon Hi-Fi Cable sold on eBay.

As the title suggests, the specs are nothing special, but the cables are reinforced with expensive metal, wood, and quartz materials. It's called 'Superstar Crystal Formula'. At the end of the cable, we added a wooden stopper with a black crystal coating for added strength.

I'm reflecting on the hard sarcasm I've had looking at audio cables or products for golden ears. Didn't they at least try to make it look convincing?

However, this is an ordinary cable with an unidentified black sea cucumber inserted, and the price has been raised 1000 times.
500달러 짜리 오디오용 SATA 케이블 - 컴퓨터 / 하드웨어 - 기글하드웨어 :
--- End quote ---


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