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--- Quote from: Rick Law on April 25, 2024, 03:13:48 am ---It is a shame that the fake market makes shopping for "real" 18650 cells practically impossible.  The 18650's are so convenient for small flash light and little electronic gadgets that one can cook up.

With the more modern (slim) laptops, they already moved away from using 18650's.  So even the re-packed/re-skined battery market will have a sourcing problem.  I suppose consumer 18650 market is or will be a thing of the past.

--- End quote ---

In the UK there are several battery suppliers with eshops, which look to sell genuine 18650s and other Li-ion cells by major makers. Prices range from £4 to £8 depending on what you want. They seem to be long term businesses, not fly-by-nights selling a load of rubbish and legging it. There must be similar on-line stores in the USA.

There's a huge market for 18650s for vaping, which doesn't look like disappearing any time soon. Another source of good 18650 cells is your local vape shop, although they'll tend to be a particular type.

I bought 48 pcs of HG2 18650 from an AliExpress seller that were specified for 3000mAh down to 2.5V.
I've only been test discharging them so far at 1A to 3.0V, and have been getting pretty consistent readings of 1800mAh.

So not great, but certainly not as bad as some reports I've seen - and for the price I paid compared to local trustworthy suppliers I am happy.
I will be assembling these into packs that go inside some 12V SLA shells for backup power application.

Some of my other purchases of 18650 cells and packs in December/January never arrived, but AE did process refunds on those.

I bought half a dozen 18650 cells on AliExpress back in the day - 5 years or so back. They were quite cheap. The sellers had good feedback and they appeared to be, according to my charger/analyzer, perfectly good Panasonic 18650 cells. I'm still using them in flashlights.

There were a few suppliers on ebay, who seemed to know what they were selling, and didn't sell 10,000 mAh obvious rubbish. They tested what they were selling and didn't sell tat. I believe ebay got the wind up over the dangers of Li-ion cells, which they they thought were all 18650s and stopped 18650s being sold on their site, although other Li-ion cells could be sold. I haven't looked recently.

These days, if I wanted more, I'd enter "buy 18650 UK" into Google and pick a reputable looking supplier, of which there appear to be several. You can probably buy then from Farnell etc, in which case they are unlikely to be junk.

Buy from if you can.
Always good stuff. No crap.


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