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10ah 18650 cells

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seen some 10000mah lithium ion 18650 calls on ali,anyone tried any?

1V @ 10,000 mAh if you are lucky and have a 100% efficient way of getting there.

They have been pulling that same garbage with powerbanks for years. Work on the basis that there is always one more sucker to take their money from.

Yep, no way these are a thing.

If they were you'd be seeing them in many other places e.g. the typical 18V (and other voltage) tool packs.

Total nonsense specification.  The only way they could get that is based on step down to a lower voltage as mentioned by beanflying.

From what I've seen available from reputable Li-Ion suppliers right now.
18650 max out at about 3500mAh per cell
26650 max out at about 5500mAh (maybe 6000) per cell

Batteries capacities based on mAh are often useless.  Even a Wh rating is useless if you don't know the test conditions, but at least the numbers still make sense for series/parallel packs (if done properly).

The 10Ah is completely false.  I don't think you can even get 4Ah, the highest I've seen is around 3.2 or 3.5 or so.

EDIT: I tried finding sources for these photos on tineye, but some of them have lost hosting over the years.  They're not mine.


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