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115 Wh in a 9 V battery

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Further to this now that I am in the office and the day is ending...

The Doublepow rechargeable PP3s are what I have used in my PDVS2mini as I could not source the recommended EBC or Etinesan brands of non-USB charged Li-Ion PP3's.  I don't seem to have done any test cycles on the Doublepow - or not anything I can find notes for - but I very much doubt they match the labelled 1000mAh spec based on my experience in the PDVS2mini which should draw 50mA (100mA max) and I don't believe I get 10 hours run time from a charge.

I tried a few USB rechargeable ones over the last few years, and the ZNTER were the only decent ones of the ones I've tried.  YMMV.  I bought the ZNTER ones about 3 years ago and they still seem OK.  The ZNTER that I had on the bench was dead after not being touched for a few months.  I charged it up this afternoon (charges at 500mA) and it now reads 9.1V - so it clearly is one that has a boost circuit which I had forgotten, and thus explains why it was dead from self discharge.  I am running a 50mA discharge test on it now (reading 9.05V) and will edit this later with the result.

One of the non-English labelled PP3s is a microUSB chargeable Li-Ion but also garbage.  It can light up the 3 green LED indicators, but struggled to give 250mAh compared to the labelled 800mAh.  I think it came from Banggood several years ago so not a current model.  I used it in one of my DMMs and it was really annoying so I switched back to an Energizer alkaline.

The really terrible PP3s I was thinking about were branded GTL and are actually are NiMH.  Labelled 900mAh but at best I've got 70mAh from them in testing.  And they are suspiciously lighter weight.

Update: The discharge test on the ZNTER gave me 560mAh which is +/-2% of what I got the last couple of tests.  Close to the rated 600mAh which is possibly based on less than 50mA discharge, and this battery is about 3.5 years old with intermittent use.  The output stayed at approx 9.05V through the discharge cycle and then dropped to 0V in protection mode.  Two seconds of charge got it out of protection mode and returned it to 9.05V.  My other ZNTER PP3 is almost spot on 9.00V.

The sample "Kedanone 12800mAh" battery is still on the way from China.  Once it arrives I will post another update after testing it & investigating its internals.

The sample Kedanone 9V "12800mAh" cell from AliExpress arrived late last week.
I charged it up via USB C cable, and left it on load overnight.
Starting voltage was 9.1V and under 50mA load it stayed at 9.05V until a sudden drop terminating the discharge giving 340mAh.
It had recovered voltage again to 9.1V and gave me another 70mAh - so a total of just 410mAh.
Basically what I expected - typical or slightly below average capacity, and totally fake specification.
I have it on charge again now and will do another cycle before I tear it apart to see the guts.

Shocking. ;D


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