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12V to 324V super-duper-kalooper blast converter: I can't believe my meter


below is the schematic for a "blast" converter that can somehow "blast" the input voltage by more than 27X!!!!!

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I tried running this exact circuit on my breadboard with a 12V 2.5A power supply and my 1kV meter. when I ran it, my meter (it was on 1kVDC mode) read 324V. there is a problem with this circuit though, you absolutely cannot short the MOSFET (things like reading current) but, since this is a boost converter and not a buck converter, I think the output current should be the same as the "outside" current (the current that is still in the
breadboard "bus" while the circuit is running is, in this case 2.3A) but wouldn't that mean the output is 745.2W?!?! but the input is 30W max! is there something wrong with my meter, or something wrong with me? or did I just create a super-stepper?

Xena E:
Your meter is telling the truth.

The topology you are using will, without regulation or load just jack the voltage until something in the circuit breaks down and clamps or, leakage loads the output.

You won't get 745W out of it. Try loading it down and measuring the voltage then.

Have fun but be careful at those voltages.

Avoid open loop power switching, too easy to blow up components or have dangerous output voltages.

This forum has a better example with a current regulated design:

These run in simulation so you can experiment with all sorts of ideas before trying them for real.

in real practice, C3 should be ≥1000uF and rated for ≥480V. and Q3 (supposed to be Q1) would also be something like one of those 650V GaN FETs. I don't have my 1500uF 500V E-Cap yet, but THEORETICALLY, with a 1500uF cap, it should be able to handle SOME kind of load.


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