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--- Quote from: German_EE on March 25, 2018, 07:25:26 am ---I have yet to see a reply giving evidence of a positive benefit.

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there are, one of it is you will be treated warmly in the fellowshipness... its about community tie and talking to people and be happy. this is human nature even to members around in this blog. people can get crazy if got secluded, this is nature.

--- Quote from: ebastler on March 25, 2018, 08:08:19 am ---But labelling a religious belief as "dodgy" is a sign of intolerance in my book, and labelling it as "dodgy technology" is a sign of a strangely narrow engineering mind.

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i dont believe this thread has religion in mind in the first place, because thats what the OP figured out later where everybody thought it has something to do with technology. everybody have a right to their own opinion. ie they need sensible prove to the effectiveness because thats how they were educated since childhood.

"Not that technology and religion are mutually exclusive"

Religion typically requires the adherent to accept statements that cannot all be true at the same time. If anyone points out an inconsistency, they are told that they should not be analyzing things, but just accepting the dogma. YouTuber Darkmatter2525 has done a good job of exposing most such issues in religion. Not that it seems to make any difference, the adherents just continue worshipping anyway.

I feel sorry for the brainwashed children in the Bible Belt of the USA, who are denied even the right to know the truth about the origins of the universe. It's criminal that such things go on even in a technological society today. We may justifiably criticise North Korea, but this is just as bad.

The practice of "Chalking the Door" as well as being a Christian Epiphany (12th night) tradition also has a place in Scottish Landlord and Tenant law, where it is a prelude to eviction. As Michael Caine wouldn't say "Not a lot of people know that!".

I saw those before and, being electrically minded, thought they were referring to what breakers the circuits were connected to, and just something the power company does... I've been in a few places where the sockets were labeled, like this:


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